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Gutter FAQ


Q.    How do I clean my gutters?

A.    Gutter cleaning is always a dangerous task, depending on the height and pitch of your roof. It is recommended to have a professional to clean gutters for you or to have Anderson Brooks Construction install a gutter protection system.


Q.     What are the disadvantages of Vinyl vs. Aluminum gutters?

A.     Vinyl is not seamless. More seams means more areas for gutters to have leak potential. Vinyl gutters also are more likely to leak due to the expansion and contraction that vinyl is more prone to. Aluminum is seamless, comes in many more color options, and will outlast vinyl gutters by many, many years.


Q.    Why should I choose professional installation from Anderson Brooks Construction?

A.    With Anderson Brooks Construction, your promised a perfect installation. If your gutter should have any leaks for 18 months, simply call us and we will fix those leaks absolutely FREE! This is our commitment to your satisfaction.


Q.     How long will it take to install?

A.     Installation is usually completed in 1 to 2 days from start.

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